Monday, October 25, 2010

A Converstaion with Don Krzan

Q. Hi Don! Thanks for being here with us today.
A. Thanks for having me. I really didn't think anyone cared enough to interview me.
Q. Well I'm sure that's not true. We're here!
A. True, so I guess I'm not going to question why.
Q. So how's things going here in Florida?
A. Great. I have a beautiful place to live, a great job, great pets and a wonderful wife.
Q. Sounds pretty good. How's the marriage going?
A. You know the third time isn't the charm it's the second. Of course I lucked out.
Q. How so?
A. Well I have a wife with whom you can actually converse. She's a 10. She is intelligent, creative, and relentless in her pursuit of happiness.
Q. Wow, can it get better than that?
A. I don't think so.
Q. You didn't mention your family? Touchy subject?
A. Yeah, I guess so. you know the saying " You can pick your friends but not your family".
Q. We have heard that and you think it's true?
A. Most definitely. I have had many good friends in my life. They were chosen by me. Some I've kept and others have fallen by the wayside. But family, they're different. They have that emotional component only found in DNA. Especially our children. I think the hardest part of getting older is separation from our kids. The saying these days is that you're loyal to whomever you sleep with.
Q. Do you believe that?
A. Unfortunately, I do. Lea and I do not speak to many of our family members. There are others with whom we have a strained relationship .
Q. Sorry to hear that. Must be painful for you to even talk about it.
A. It is.
Q.Okay. We hear you have a blog.
A. Yes, I do. my wife started one and i got the bug. I always to write and now I'm doing it.
Q. Where can it be seen?
A. It's on the net, on my Facebook page. Not many people read it but I didn't write it for that primarily. I wrote it to share some of the things I have learned, some the hard way, along the way.
Q Would you like your kids to read it?
A. Sure! I don't think they know me anymore and maybe by reading it they could rediscover who I've become. Maybe someday.
Q. Ok we're going to end the interview with those questions at the end of Inside the Actor's Studio.
A. Cool!! I always to answer those. one of my favorite shows because you see the actors in a relaxed situation.
Q. Ready?
A. Fire Away!
Q.Your Favorite word?
A. Vo
Q. Least favorite?
A. I can't. I know it's two but cut me some slack. I'm nervous.
Q. What turns you on?
A. Honesty and affection.
Q.Turns you off?
A. Indifference
Q.Favorite curse word?
A. Fuck!
Q.Sound you love?
A. A child laughing
Q.Sound you hate?
A. A child crying
Q.What profession would you like to attempt?
A. Actor or singer, or singing actor
Q.Profession not to do?
A.Prison Guard
Q. What would God say to you?
A. Hey Don! Not a perfect life but Pretty Pretty Good!!!
Q. Great! Thanks Don for giving us tis time. We've enjoyed and we hope you have too?
A. It's been great to have this opportunity. I have enjoyed it and maybe we can do this with Lea sometime.
Q. That would be something we would consider. Don, Take care and continue to enjoy your life in Florida.
A. Thanks! I intent to make the most of it. Bye!

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